Getting Started with Teamup Mobile Apps

To start using Teamup mobile apps, you need to have access to a web-based Teamup Calendar:

  • If you already have one, copy the full calendar link, or just the calendar key which is the last part of your calendar link that starts with ks followed by a 16-character alpha-numeric string.  Then paste it to the Add Calendar screen on your mobile app.
  • If you don’t have a Teamup Calendar yet, click here to create a new one. You will be receiving a calendar link once it is created.

Learn more about how to use the apps:

Use the calendar keys below to test drive Teamup apps: Copy a key, and paste it in your app’s Add Calendar screen. They can be removed from your app’s dashboard at any time.

Demo Calendars

  • Team Absence Calendar – Calendar key:
  • Room Weekly Planner – Calendar key:
  • Event Calendar – Calendar key:

Featured Calendars

  • Holidays in the United States – Calendar key: