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Easy Job Scheduling and Communication
for Construction and Field Service Professionals

Get the many moving parts

in your field operations on one page


The main advantage of using Teamup is communication. When we used analog scheduling, each service appointment required a detailed phone call, text, or face to face conversation between the dispatcher and the technician. Teamup has drastically decreased the amount of time that we need to spend on each call relaying information.


Adam Wiegand, Alarm / Electrical Customer Service, Keyes, USA

All of the information that is pulled over with a click now, in an instant, used to take several minutes, perhaps five minutes to build out. As you can imagine, with perhaps three or four services across 10,000 pieces of equipment per year, saving three to five minutes for each service event is a major, major benefit.” 


Marc Menhart, Director of IT, W.W. Williams

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Organize and color-code jobs, crews, equipment

Quickly find project details and simplify communication


Every project has many pieces: the crew, materials, equipment, the site, timeline, budget, and more. With an organized system that gives quick visual cues, you can stay on top of every aspect and see how the pieces fit together. Capture the key details for your operation with custom fields. See the information in multiple views, from high-level to detailed. It’s easy to filter and focus on one project or dimension at a time. Synced information and mobile apps keep crew members up-to-date automatically. 

Organize by crew and job

Organize by resource

Organize by status

Organize by region and job

We have around 50 new build developments across the UK and around 5/6 team members that need appointments on these sites. Your sub calendars and app helps us book these appointments and ensures everyone knows where they need to be!


Jack Fowler, Head of Elite Demonstrator Operations, Elevana, UK

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Dispatch crews with clarity and up-to-date info
Share details of jobs and resources, attache documents, and avoid conflicts 


Subcontractors and field workers are essential part of construction projects. Replace paper work orders with a simple and affordable calendar solution to ensure secure access to reliable and timely information for each specific job. Need to manage equipment rental? Organize rental schedule and equipment maintenance on the same calendar to minimize scheduling conflicts and maximize rental profits.

Custom fields for more organized job info

Secure web and mobile access to calendar

More than a rental schedule

We stumbled upon Teamup with a google search 5 years ago and have built a significant portion of our operations around it.


Todd Jennings, General Counsel, McNally-Nimergood, USA

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Customize access to streamline communication
Stay focused, enable two-way updates to and from the field without calls


The varied permissions are still OUR biggest luxury with this calendar as well. We have so many varied positions and each one only needs a piece of the calendar to do their job. With Teamup, we can basically organize the entire company’s production process without confusing or overloading any of our departments with information that they do not need.


Teresa Ortiz, Project Manager, Holbrook Asphalt, USA

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Give everyone from office staff to project manager to field crew the information they need — no more,  no less. Eliminate the hassle of tracking down details by making the relevant job info available to the people on the job and choose the appropriate permission for each person’s role. No risk, no bottleneck, and minimal setup to have streamlined and secure communication with every person who is part of the project. 

Gain insights with multiple calendar views
Visualize the operational data for both short-term focus and long-term health


With 11 calendar views, you’ll be able to work with information in new ways and gain insights you’ve been missing. Standard calendar views, from day to year, allow you to handle scheduling from short-term crisis control to long-term planning. Unique views allow you to work with data and manage operations in new and powerful ways. The Scheduler view shows, at a glance, open or filled time slots for a specific resource or crew. Timeline view is perfect for planning each project phase. Table view displays events like a spreadsheet, can be filtered and sorted, and automatically sums any custom number field.

Job details with site pictures and PDFs
Year view of filtered jobs by type
Table view instead of spreadsheets
construction worker field access to job details
annual planning with Teamup

Diverse views across multiple devices

Year view with filtering in action

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