Work With Us

 Team up with us

Want to help millions of people get better organized?  Let’s team up!  Join our distributed global team if you can contribute to Teamup with your subject expertise and personal strengths, for example, as

💻  Software Developer (Experienced or interested in PHP, Symfony, ReactJS, database.)

👍  User support Specialist (Plus points: Web dev, product management.)

✒  Efficiency Champion  (Operational experience in industry verticals. Passion to bring efficiency to groups.)

What we look for

✅  Curious, self-driven, empathetic, friendly, tenacious, autonomous, responsible, independent, collaborative, communicative, supportive, self-motivated, adaptable, flexible.

✅  Passion for what you are good at. Experience in your area of expertise with results that you are proud of.

What we offer

✅  Opportunity to make a difference and experience the direct impact of your work on millions of people around the world.

✅  Flexibility to work anywhere in the world and to accommodate other life obligations.

✅  A collaborative work environment that rewards with respect, value creation and job satisfaction, personally and professionally.

Read more about our journey to make the world a little more efficient.

Next step

Tell us a bit more about yourself by answering a few questions and providing us any relevant information available. Head over to the Teamup Job Application form.

What else

If you can’t join our team, you are welcome to

✅  Make good use of Teamup to make some positive impact that is possible even with our free service.

✅  Share your experience and spread the word if Teamup has been helpful to you.

✅  Be the grassroots champion in your organization and wherever else in your world!