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Access to your calendar

A calendar link is all you need to access your calendar. The email address you entered when you created the calendar is the one you can use to retrieve a lost administrator link if needed. No user account is required to create or access a Teamup calendar, and having a calendar does not automatically give you a Teamup user account.

However, an optional user account (new!) would allow you to use a dashboard to remember your calendar links. You can log in to your user account on any browser, view your dashboard, and click to open the calendar you need to see.

If you are new or want to learn more

Teamup Calendar is designed to be easy to get started, simple and intuitive to use. We have made plenty of resources available for you to explore freely at your own pace that may help you find out whether Teamup is the right solution to your needs, and learn how to make Teamup work best for you.

Contact Teamup Support

Before contacting our support desk, please do check out our Knowledge Base or Blog (both are searchable) to see if the answer you are looking for is already there.  If you can not find the answers yourself, please email and describe your needs and questions as detailed as possible. Consider including information such as the following if you need setup assistance:

  • What area of your business would you like to use the calendar for?
  • What kind of events would you like to add?
  • How many sub-calendars (categories) would you like to have?
  • How many people will access the calendar?
  • Who would the users be? And would you need to give them different access permissions?
  • What time range and display style would you like to see the calendar data in terms of the calendar view?
  • What level of security are you comfortable with?
  • Would you like to be able to upload files?
  • Would you like to have a Daily Agenda to be emailed to the users every morning?
  • Any other requirements or wishes?

If you have emailed us and do not get an answer, please check your spam or junk mail folder – if our replies did land there, please mark them as not spam to prevent such from happening again.  Generally we do not provide phone consultation unless we have understood the context of your case and believe a phone call would be necessary.

Other Inquiries

Please email for all other questions.

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