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As an educator, you have to handle lots of information, manage many demands on your time, and solve complex problems. Education scheduling, in particular, is a complex task. There are many dimensions to consider and fitting them together is a challenge. Having the right scheduling tool is crucial to make your work easier and more efficient. Many educators find Teamup useful because it has unique features that other tools, like spreadsheets, don’t offer. You can build schedules visually, manage access, keep information secure, share materials, and make education more organized and collaborative.

Here are some ideas and real-life stories of using Teamup to make education scheduling more visual, organized, and collaborative.

Teamup is a great<br />
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various parts of our curriculum fit together in the week, using different calendars and colors for various courses!

Streamlined academic scheduling

Scheduling for education is a lot like putting together a big puzzle. You’ve got many different pieces to consider, and you have to find a way to make them all fit together.

Traditional tools like spreadsheets make it hard to see all those pieces, because they’re not visual.  Schedulers at UMass Medical School turn to Teamup for a visual, drag-and-drop scheduling tool that lets them see how things fit together.

Scalable communication

The pandemic created a sudden need for a remote learning environment. Schools needed to create a new system that would allow them to share every aspect of education with pupils and parents — a huge challenge!

With Teamup as an online scheduling tool, Canton de Vaud schools successfully shifted to Teamup to keep 90,000 students and almost 10,000 teachers connected and organized.

Teamup didn’t require users to create an<br />
account and a password
Teachers like being<br />
able to look at the<br />
whole month ahead<br />
and see what’s coming up.

Coordinated partner programs

Education today often involves multiple educational partnerships. These partners in education help enrich learning and expand on what students receive in the classroom. But making it all happen isn’t easy.

To bring partner offerings to the students, education program coordinators need to consider teachers’ schedule needs and other factors of school scheduling. For these educational partners, Teamup is a reliable tool for coordinating without adding more to the workload. Read the story of how a school district in the U.S. manages the scheduling of their extensive educational partner programs.

Coordinated space and resource use

Educators and researchers often share spaces and resources. Having a streamlined way to see availability is important, so teams and individuals can book what they need without creating schedule conflicts.

The ability of all<br />
users to both view<br />
and book their own<br />
time reduces the burden of any one person needing to take on this additional scheduling work.
Unlike our old Excel system, Teamup lets us assign specific editing rights and offers a cleaner, more intuitive layout.

Excel alternative

Spreadsheets are excellent tools for some needs, but they’re not great for scheduling. It’s tough to see context or have any sense of perspective. The factors that affect scheduling aren’t visible, and it’s easy to overlook errors or get loss in navigation.

Teamup is a good excel alternative that brings in features you can’t find in a spreadsheet: an online scheduling tool that enables visual scheduling.

    Easier activity scheduling

    Education doesn’t stop when students leave the classroom. There are sports teams, after-school clubs, hobby groups, lessons, and community organizations with activities and individuals to coordinate.

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using Teamup is that<br />
they can all see who<br />
else is scheduling in each category for each day and time, and try to schedule their classes in a way that there is minimal duplication or conflict.
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    Visual calendar data

    Now, think about instructors and trainers who need to coordinate classes across a big area. They have to keep track of their schedules, and it’s important that everyone has access to the course materials.

    Teamup can help by making calendar data visual, so it’s easy to see availability, match resources, and create schedules.

    Simplified lesson planning

    Preparing lessons can take a lot of time, and it’s often disconnected from the scheduling process. Adding to the challenge, many online scheduling tools and educational software can be expensive, making it hard for smaller schools, solo educators, coaches, and edupreneurs.

    Here’s how Teamup helps connect lesson drafting to the class schedule while giving you complete control to keep internal notes and unfinished drafts private. 

    app guide

    Want to try Teamup for your own education scheduling needs? Explore a live demo calendar to test features and put your own ideas in action.

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