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Play-it-yourself Live Demo Calendars

The best way to learn about Teamup is by playing the live demos yourself. All live demos have advanced features enabled for 7 days.


When you click on a thumbnail calendar below, a new live demo calendar will be created on the fly with pre-populated demo settings and events.

FEATURE HIGHLIGHT: Revamped file attachment system.
Beta launch available now on our live demos!

Launch a live demo if you haven’t. 

One of the features that makes Teamup more than a calendar is file uploading. You can add inline images and attach documents to any event. Attaching PDF work orders to a job streamlines fieldwork. Uploading photos of a completed delivery provides documentation. When you add files to the relevant event, you keep information in context: it’s easy to find, update, share, and review.

See detailed steps for trying out the new file attachment feature yourself. On Teamup’s mobile apps, swipe to preview multiple pictures attached to a calendar event as shown in the video.

Please let us know if you run into any issues with this beta feature. Your kind feedback helps our team do better work!



  • Calendar views: Make sure to take a look at the Teamup-only unique Table view, Scheduler view, and the Year view.
  • Calendar Settings: Make sure to open each tab and examine how you can reconfigure any of them. In particular, the Sharing tab – learn how Teamup sharing works and the customizable access with 9 levels of permissions. Use the calendar links in the About box on the calendar front (lower left) to experience various user roles with the preset calendar links with customized access permissions.
  • File attachments: You can upload pictures and documents to any calendar event. 
  • Toggle or click the eye icon in the calendar list to show or hide events.
  • Change time zone in the bottom right.
  • Drag & drop an event to move. Ctrl-drag & drop to copy.
  • Discover the right-click context menu.
  • Explore the blue drop-down menu in the top right.
  • Manage and customize calendar Settings.

Please note all demo calendars will be deleted automatically so please do not use them for your real needs. The various demo calendars are pre-configured to demonstrate the various use cases. Feel free to re-configure them to suit your needs while your test.

Check out the Getting Started Tutorials to learn more what you can do with Teamup Calendar.

Team Calendar

Customized access links for different team members. A typical scenario is a staff member may update his or her own calendar but read-only calendars of other staff members. Click the links in the left About box to experience what the links allow or not allow to do. To see how the permissions are configured, go to the administrator link, go to Settings (menu in the top right corner, only visible with the administrator link), click Sharing, then click Edit next to each of the links. Learn More…

Team & Room Schedule

The Timeline view is unique in that each sub-calendar is in its own row, and each hour or day has its own column. With events displayed in a single day to multiple months horizontally, it’s only a click away to zoom in to the minute of activities or zoom out to the big picture of the future months at one glance. Follow the tips in the About box on the left panel once you launch the live demo. Learn More…


Room Reservation

The add-only permission allows members of the group to book rooms directly on the calendar without waiting for an administrator to process the booking requests. To see how the permissions are configured, go to the administrator link, go to Settings > Sharing, then click Edit next to the link “Self-booking, add only”. Learn More…

Staff Scheduler

The scheduler view provides a clear picture of when who is available or not available. If it is used as a job scheduler with one sub-calendar for each job, or tennis court scheduler with one sub-calendar for each court, you get to see quickly your resource availability at a glance. Learn More…

Lab Reservations

Modify-from-same-link allows school teachers to make reservations on any of the labs or other facilities that are shared among all teachers, but everyone can only modify the reservations he or she created and can not modify bookings created by other teachers. Learn More…

Event Itinerary

Consider the List view with details including images as an alternative to a Word document you may use for planning an event itinerary. You can show or hide the details with one click. Anyone who has access to the calendar with read-only or various modifying rights will always see the latest itinerary as all changes are instantly accessible to all without re-sending email attachments or version confusions. Learn More…

Year View

The year view provides a bird’s eye view of your long term plan or activities. If you are already using a Teamup Calendar, just append “?view=y” to your existing calendar link – you might be surprised, especially if you navigate backwards! Learn More…

Industry Events

Use it as a platform for users to contribute to the calendar directly without waiting for a central administrator to add the events. For example, allowing regional coordinators to update regional events directly on the calendar to bring all activities across regions and teams on the same page so that everyone is informed of what’s happening within the larger organization. Consider enabling longer term views such as the year view or multi-week view. Learn More…

Conference Agenda

For a conference agenda, assigning one event to multiple calendars means that each session can be assigned to both a track and a room. Display or publish tracks and rooms separately as needed. When the session information is changed, only one entry needs to be updated and all users will be accessing the latest without version confusion. Toggle the list or scheduler view in the top right corner. Don’t forget to right-click a session, select Share > As page to add it to your personal calendar or share! Check out the CMWorld conference agenda

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