Video Tutorials & Inspiration

There are many ways to use Teamup. The more you know, the more your calendar can work for you. Our video tutorials are here to help you get started quickly. Learn how to organize and share your calendar. Explore the features that matter to you. If you are a power user or an efficiency champion, share your video tutorials or create new ones to share your expert knowledge. 

Teamup Video Tutorials

Learn the basics and explore features with our video tutorials.

User Submitted Videos

Are you the Teamup power user in your organization? The efficiency expert introducing Teamup to your group? We’d love to share the Teamup video tutorials you’ve created for your team or community. Yours can be showcased here and shared further unless you prefer limited sharing only which we will respect. 

You don’t need to be a video pro, just be helpful. Submit your video URLs here  →

Ready to share your video?

Choose your best (or create a new tutorial!) and submit it for a chance to win a free upgrade!

Just exploring Teamup? Create a free calendar or try any Premium-enabled live demos, or simply get inspired.

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