Getting Started with Teamup

Teamup Calendar is much more than an ordinary calendar. It helps groups as well as individuals plan, organize, access and share information more efficiently. Whether you need to organize teams, schedule work, manage resource availability, or plan events and share information, Teamup makes it easy for you to create the calendar solution you need. It’s simple, highly customizable, and scalable.

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Create a New Calendar

  1. Click the green button below to create a calendar
  2. Fill out the form. If you already have a Teamup account, login. Otherwise enter your email address. You’d be required to create a user account.
  3. Once your calendar is ready, open it and build the solution you need.

Not sure yet? Watch the video and try a live demo yourself.

Setting Up Sub-Calendars

Setting up sub-calendars according to your needs is like a blueprint needs to be designed for the purpose of the building. Consider adding sub-calendars for the most distinctive aspect of who/what/where of events when the benefits associated with sub-calendars are important to you. For example, if it is important to prevent double-booking of a room, you’d need a sub-calendar for the room since disallowing double-booking is only applicable to individual sub-calendars.

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How to add sub-calendars

  1. Go to Settings > Calendars
    Alternatively, click Add/Edit below the sub-calendar list
  2. Click New

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Share Your Calendar with Users

Once you have the sub-calendars set up, you are ready to share the calendar with other users. Depending on what you want the users to do with the calendar, you may customize the access permission for each user or user group. There are 9 levels of access permissions, from read-only,  add only to modify one’s own events but not changing events created by others, and from no access at all to events on selected sub-calendars to full rights to modify or administer the calendar.

Demonstrated below are calendar views seen by four different users:

holbrook calendar admin

Administrator Access, full rights, limit to few

holbrook superintendent calendar view

Modify Access for coordinators, team leads

Construction crew calendar view with job details

Read-only access for crews, with job details

holbrook HR calendar view

Limited overview of staff time off for HR team

How to share calendar

  1. Go to Settings > Sharing
  2. Add User or Create Link.

Good to know

  • Adding account-based users requires the user to create a Teamup user account and benefit from the account dashboard. Device and browser independent.
  • Sharing via links: No user account is needed. The Calendar is simply accessible via the link.



Choosing the Default Calendar View

Teamup supports 11 calendars views. You may be familiar with calendars displayed in Day/Multi-day/Week/Multi-week/Month/Agenda/List views. With Teamup, you can also display the calendar data in Scheduler view, Timeline view, Table view and Year view.

scheduler view

Scheduler View (Live Demo)

timeline view

Timeline View (Live Demo)

holbrook HR calendar view

Table View (Live Demo)

year view

Year View (Live Demo)

How to use calendar views

  1. Go to Settings > Calendar Views
  2. Set the default view
  3. Enable or disable and configure the other views

Good to know

  • If most of your events are bound to specific hours, choose a view from the week / multi-day / day / scheduler / timeline / agenda as the default view.
  • Otherwise, use a long term view like the month / multi-week / year / table as the default views.



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