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Efficient Scheduling


  • Optimize resource allocation, avoid scheduling conflicts, see the big picture.
  • Keep all the details in one place with images, files, links, notes, and comments.
  • Streamline communication and easily maintain records through project completion.

“The varied permissions are still OUR biggest luxury with this calendar. We have so many varied positions and each one only needs a piece of the calendar to do their job. With Teamup, we can basically organize the entire company’s production process without confusing or overloading any of our departments with information that they do not need.”

Teresa Ortiz, Holbrook Asphalt

“I LOVE attaching pdf files; this makes communicating with our contractors so much easier! I upload their work orders and boom, done. I’ve shared a read-only link with all of them so they can access the calendar anytime to view the workload for the day, week, month, etc.“

Nicole Salwinski, Toll Brothers

“Scheduling is a very important piece of our business. We need to be able to clearly track each engineer and Teamup does this very well for us.“

Kerr Glen, Extreme Networks

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Feature Highlights

Organize with Colors

Use color-coded sub-calendars to organize people, places, or events. Assign a sub-calendar to a team member, a resource, a project, a process… anything! Arrange sub-calendars in folders and show or hide as needed.

11 Calendar Views

Go beyond the standard calendar Day, Week, Month, and Agenda views. Teamup offers unique ways to view calendar data in SchedulerTimelineTable and even a whole year at a glance!

Stay in Context

Keep project information in one place with images, files, links, extensive notes, and time-stamped comments. Create customized calendar views for individuals or groups. Enable event comments for data capture and feedback from job sites.

9 Access Levels

Manage centrally with 9 levels of access permissions to allow the right calendar access for the right person or team. Use add-only and modify-from-same-link to track changes. Use a read-only option for secure sharing without data risk.

Easy to Share, Always in Sync

Share an entire calendar, selected sub-calendars, or individual events. Keep everyone in sync with the Daily Agenda. Proactively notify field crews on new jobs, schedule changes, or project updates via mobile apps.

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Organize with Sub-calendars

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