Manage Booking for Shared Spaces and Resources


A company selling specialized dentistry equipment has several meeting rooms available. The different rooms can accommodate a different number of people. Sales staff can use these rooms as needed for client meetings, either in-person or to set up a video conference. In addition, the company has several shared resources to be used by the sales team and other staff members. 


Members of the sales team need to book the spaces and resources they need individually, without double-booking or needing to wait for approval.

The Solution

Assign one color-coded sub-calendar per space or resource. Disallow double-booking.
Block out unavailable times. Provide add-only calendar access for self-booking needs.

Prevent double-booking with color-coded sub-calendars.


Each shared space or resource has its own color-coded sub-calendar. Set each sub-calendars to disallow double-booking. No more scheduling conflicts.

Organize sub-calendars in folders: one for spaces, one for resources. Anyone can turn an entire folder on or off from view when using the calendar to see only what is relevant.

Learn about setting up sub-calendars →

Delegate bookings to your team without sacrificing security.


No more micromanaging. Equip your team to manage their own bookings and keep your calendar secure at the same time.

Here’s how: Maya, a member of the sales team, is added as an account-based user. She has modify-from-same calendar access, which means she can add and modify her own bookings, but she cannot modify or delete a booking added by any other team member.


Learn about calendar access with individual permissions →

Filter all calendar events to find the relevant space or resource quickly. 

Use built-in filters to search the calendar by sub-calendar, custom event field, or keyword.

Maya can filter the calendar for the room she wants to reserve to quickly see open times. Or she can filter the calendar by her own name in the “Who is booking?” custom event field to review her booked rooms and resources.

Learn about filters →

Compare schedules at a glance with Timeline calendar view.  

See each shared sub-calendar in its own row. Easily review booked times for resources and shared spaces.

View a day, a week, or multiple days or weeks at a time. Set the zoom level to see the details or the big picture. The Timeline view makes it easy to plan time for set up or clean up of shared spaces and resources.


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We are grateful for all the feedback we receive from around the world every day.

Di Dai, World Economic Forum

Just want to say big THANK YOU, the room booking tool really worked very well, saved us a lot of time and energy. Thank you so much for your patience and continuous support throughout, we really appreciate your great help.

Mathias Steinacher, PhD student

First of all, thanks a lot for your awesome calendar application! We use it as a booking system for our equipment and we are super happy with it!

Sandy, Ireland

We’re using it as a booking system for a car club. We have three cars shared among 13 households and TeamUp is brilliant for allowing us to manage bookings without any hassle or administration costs. Members just block out the times they want a car.

The Step-by-Step Guide

Organize sub-calendars. Add team members as calendar users.
Create custom event fields. Configure what’s important to your needs.


Set Up Sub-Calendars

Add one sub-calendar for each shared space or resource. Disallow overlapping events to prevent double-booking. Organize calendars in folders.

Learn more →


Add Account Users and Groups

Add each team members as an account-based user. Create groups for office staff, delivery crew, sales team, etc.

Learn more →


Create Custom Event Fields

Add custom event fields to capture the important information. Use text or emoji to show field contents in event title.

Learn more →


Use Filters 

Quickly check the status of a particular space or resource with filters. Sort by sub-calendar, keyword, or custom event field.

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Here are a few of Teamup’s powerful features.

👋 How to share the calendar with my team?

Add each team member as an account-based user. Configure precise permission for calendar access. Create user groups. Easily manage all users and groups from calendar settings.

See feature →

🔑 What are custom event fields?

Event fields–such as Who and Where–are automatically part of each event. You can create and arrange your own custom event fields to capture the information you need. Choose from text entry or predetermined choice options. 

See feature →

📚 How to avoid double booking?

You can choose to set each sub-calendar allow or disallow overlapping events. To prevent double-booking, set the calendar to disallow overlapping events. 

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📞 How to use Teamup on a mobile app?

Teamup has powerful and convenient mobile apps. Download the free calendar mobile apps for iOS and Android. Log into your Teamup user account to keep your calendar dashboard synced between browser and devices.

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🖼️ How to switch between calendar views?

Teamup has 10 unique calendar views to help you make the most of your calendar. Set a default calendar view in calendar settings. Switch between calendar views anytime with the view picker in the top right of the calendar.

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🔁 How to set up repeating events?

Choose from detailed options for recurring events on your calendar. Choose the repeating option (daily, weekly, and many more) and set the number of recurrences. 

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Customize a Booking Calendar

Launch a live demo and test drive for yourself. Customize to make it work precisely as you need, and enable more efficient work for your team.

Add each team member as a calendar user. Create groups for each department (Sales, Office, Delivery, etc.) to easily manage calendar users who have the same calendar access.

Set each sub-calendar to disallow overlapping events and easily prevent double-booking. For resources with more than one unit available, you can allow overlapping events.

Next Steps

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Our Basic plan offers a powerful, customizable calendar perfect for small teams.

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🏆 Subscription plans

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