Why Teamup?

It’s Simple

  • Teamup calendars are easy to create.  In 30 seconds your first calendar can be up and running.
  • Accessible any time, anywhere.  To access a calendar all you need is Internet access – no registration, no user accounts, no fuss.
  • View all your calendars on one page.  Use color-coding and views to highlight the important information as you need it. This 90-second video shows how.
  • Drag and drop events.  Set up recurring events.  Assign one event to multiple calendars.  Complex tasks simplified.
  • Complex tasks made simple.  Drag and drop events quickly, set up recurring events, and assign one event to multiple calendars.
  • User friendly and intuitive.  Easy to use even if someone isn’t computer savvy or won’t read instructions.



It’s Flexible

  • Show only what people need to know. Granular sharing control allows the calendar administrator to manage access and share information securely and reliably.
  • Start small and grow.  If you’re not sure what you need, start small and free, and your calendar can grow as neeeded.
  • Smarter than Excel.  Forget about scheduling with Excel – Teamup calendars are smarter, more accessible and easier to use.
  • See the big picture, zoom for details.  Teamup calendars store everything in one place. Using Views you can see the big picture then drill down to focus on a specific calendar or event.
  • Share only what is needed. Using the share-any-event-as-a-web-page with a unique URL feature you can share a single event with anyone.  The event webpage can be saved and shared further across social networks.  This makes Teamup calendars indispensable for save the date and event marketing campaigns.  
  • Plays well with others. Teamup integrates with most online calendars through iCalendar feeds and event export.  Import calendar data from other calendars using .ics or .csv files.



It Saves Time

  • Everything accessible in one place.  Gone are the days when you need to search for information in multiple places. With Teamup you store your team’s or company’s calendar data centrally and everyone can access it via their preferred personal calendar system, including Google Calendar and Outlook.
  • Deliver the information to users in the shortest ways. Teamup’s powerful sharing options allow you to simplify communicating updates and changes to users.  Send automatic change notifications or a  daily agenda to keep everyone informed.
  • Update the world.  Ensure people outside your organization always have up to date information by sharing a web link with customized access permissions.  When the web page opens or refreshes, details and attachments update automatically.
  • Store documents with events.  Forget wasting time searching for the most up to date file -with Teamup you can upload files direct to events in your Teamup Calendar ensuring that the latest versions of documents, and images are always accessible.
  • Delegate the work.  Assign selected calendar users the right to add events to the calendar.  At the same time protect existing events from modification and, if desired, from view.
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