Simple Studio Booking Template

This template is designed to streamline the booking process for studios, whether for photography, music, dance, or other creative activities. 

Use this template when you need a simple setup to manage multiple studios and similar facilities. See also template variations.

This template is also good for

  • Meeting rooms
  • Sport facilities

Using Teamup for studio management helps ABT function in a more streamlined and convenient way. There’s no need to depend on spreadsheets that get out-dated and aren’t accessible. With all studio scheduling on the calendar, staff members save time they used to spend on communicating studio availability. There’s no need to call or email another staff member to find out availability. If there’s a request to book a studio, it’s easy to check the calendar and see when that studio is available.

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Why use the simple studio booking template

📣 Benefits for the organization

  • Provide clear visibility of studio availability with real-time updates.
  • Prevent double-booking and eliminate schedule conflicts automatically.

🎨Benefits for the end users

  • Easy-to-see availability provides immediate clarity.
  • No more uncertainty about space availability.
  • Bookings for each studio are color-coded and in separate columns.
  • No need to call or email a coordinator to request bookings.

Notable setup in this template

Sub-calendars are set to disallow overlapping events.

Unique side-by-side Scheduler view as the default calendar view.

no overlapping

How to use this template

📣 Set it up and adapt to your needs

  • Create your own booking calendar using the template.
  • Adjust calendar names, colors, etc. and add more calendars as needed.
  • Set up customized access for your users. Simply sharing the pre-made Modifier link with the scheduler gets you started right away, if no self-booking is needed. Custom account-based access is more secure and recommended.
    Flexible access permissions

    💡Pro tip: The modify-my-events permission allows each user to edit their own bookings only.
    If booking details should be kept confidential, choose the no details variation.

    📣 Make bookings

    • Click on an available slot to open the event editor and make a booking.
    • On the Teamup app, Scheduler and Timeline views are not available. In the left sidebar, toggle sub-calendars to view each studio’s availability more clearly.

    Template variations

    Variation A
    • Default to multi-week view
    Use template →

    timeline view studio bookings

    Variation B
    • Sub-calendars organized in folders
    Use template →

    💡Pro tip: Experiment with the view parameters to find out which view would work best for you.

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