Team & Room Planner Template

This template is designed for teams who share rooms or studios for work. Booking the rooms in advance helps prevent conflicts and make better use of the available space.

“We created sub-calendars for each of our rooms, since all of our users need the ability to reserve rooms. We have been using it for two weeks now, and it is going very well – there have been zero complaints, and the team is happy with how easy it is to use. Teamup is immensely superior to Outlook calendars!“

Lynn Sanders

Why use this template

📣 Benefits for the organization

  • Visualizing the team’s schedule and room availability on one calendar view simplifies the booking process and eliminates scheduling conflicts.
  • Scaling is easy! Expand as needed if the team grows or additional rooms are added, without disrupting the existing process.

🎨 Benefits for the end users

  • Clear visibility of room availability makes it easy for team members to reserve rooms.
  • Folder structure and the ability to toggle rooms or team members allows flexibility to see specific information as needed.

Notable setup in this template

Displaying color-coded stripes when an event is assigned to multiple sub-calendars.

Organize sub-calendars for team and rooms in separate folders.

Striped display when an event is assigned to multiple sub-calendars

How to use this template

⚙️ Set it up and adapt to your needs

    access permission for Frank

    💡Pro tip: Customize access permissions for individual users. Shown above is for user Frank.

    💡Tips for using the team and room planner template

    • Toggle or click the eye icon in the calendar list to show or hide sub-calendars or an entire folder.
    • Change the time zone in the bottom right to see events in another time zone.
    • Drag & drop an event to move. Ctrl-drag & drop to copy.
    • Discover the right-click context menu.
    • Explore the blue drop-down menu in the top right.

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