Simple Team Calendar Template

This template is designed for a small team to share availability, scheduled events, and PTO. 

See also template variations.

“Working as a team has become a lot easier due to the simpler communication. If you want to know who can help at a specific date now you can just look at the schedules of others instead of the usual time-consuming asking and waiting for everyone’s answers.

Helen & Björn

Why use this template

📣 Benefits for the organization and team leaders

  • Bring the whole team together on one page with a simple calendar structure.
  • Increase the visibility of team whereabouts and activities.
  • Centrally manage access for the whole team with customized permissions.

🎨 Benefits for all users

  • Team members can update their own schedules, reducing supervisory workload.
  • Real-time updates are visible immediately to other teammates.
  • Everyone can stay synced without bottlenecks or delays.

Notable setup in this template

A custom field for event types, with emojis providing visual cues on the calendar.

Default 10-week calendar view with the current week in the first row.

emoji in custom field for event type

How to use this template

📣 Set it up and adapt to your needs

📣 Access across multiple devices

  • Team members can access and update the calendar in a web brower or the Teamup app.

Get the app

iPhone & iPad

Android devices

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