Yearly Planner Template

Plan and track events, milestones, and activities throughout the year on one page. Keep the big picture in mind with Year view.

Why use yearly planner template

📣 Benefits for the organization

  • Visualize the entire year’s events on a single page.
  • Preview milestones for every area in a unified overview.
  • With a clear overview, prevent resource bottlenecks before they happen.
  • Enhance transparency and reduce the need for excessive emails and meetings.

🎨 Benefits for the end users

  • Stay informed with a big-picture view and detailed insights.
  • Contribute and collaborate more productively.

Notable setup in yearly planner template

The Year view with an adjustable number of months shown.

The Scheduler view is configured to show long-range events.

Yearly planner configurable months
Scheduler view showing multiple months on one page

How to use the yearly planner template

⚙️ Set it up and adapt to your needs

  • Click the “Use template” button above to create a yearly planner with a Year view default.
  • Adapt the sub-calendars and color-code your categories of events as you like.
  • Configure Scheduler and Timeline views to provide a long-range display of events.

⚙️ Share with other users

  • Customize access permissions for individual users.
  • To share industry events with all members of your organization, consider a read-only link with the selected sub-calendars, then share or embed the calendar into your website.

💡Tips for using the yearly planner calendar

  • Adjust the number of months to focus on the whole year, selected period, etc.
  • Select any date on a month from the date picker to set that month as the start of the 12 month period which will show in the first row.
  • Toggle the sub-calendars or use the filter on the left to see selected events.
  • Drag & drop to move events right on the big picture.
  • Print a blank year calendar in PDF by toggling off all sub-calendars.
choose number of months to display
Yearly planner filtering in action

💡FAQ for the yearly planner template

  • Can I make a quarterly planner?
    Yes, you can set the number of monhts to 3, either in Settings > Calendar Views for all users or just for yourself on the calendar view. The administrator can also set the default Start Date to the first day of the current quarter for all users.
Striped display when an event is assigned to multiple sub-calendars

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