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Template for keeping crews and job information organized

Every business is unique and has different needs for managing information. In some industries, like construction, jobs come with a lot of documentation. There are permits, schematics, work orders, drawings, blueprints, and more. Getting the job done well requires capturing, organizing, and managing all the relevant job information.

This Job Information calendar template shows how a business can benefit from what’s possible with Teamup.

Job Information for Crews

    Small business crew jobs template

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    Crew Jobs calendar

    Unique calendar views to visualize availability

    Crew jobs custom fields and attachments

    Custom fields and attachments to capture job information

    “The flexibility of adding custom fields is so helpful. Because we are in exteriors home-improvement business our custom fields are set up for special requirement reminders such as, permits, inspections and notifying utilities if we’re digging on the property. Also, we upload files related to the jobs so our job foremen can see those details ahead of time. Those include contracts, work details and drawings.

    There is the added convenience of keeping this up on my computer screen all day, easily accessible as needed to bring up contact details instead of searching through the computer! After everything is entered that is the quickest most consolidated way to see job info.

    Doreen Ulrich, Hahn Exteriors

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