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Are you looking for help to get started with Teamup, or want to get more out your calendars even if you have been using Teamup for years? If you need more than our free help (online documentation and email-based customer service) and are willing to pay for services provided by independent consultants, consider hiring a Teamup expert who specializes in creating Teamup solutions to help you build the optimal solution you need.

Interested in becoming a Teamup Expert Partner? Submit your application now. 

Teamup Expert Partner Directory

We are currently preparing for the launch of the Teamup Expert Partner Directory. If you are ready to hire an expert, please let us know. Be sure to describe what you need help with, as detailed as possible, and your budget range. We will do our best to help connect you (for free) with a matching expert partner.

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Already a Teamup power user and interested in helping others to make the most out of Teamup? Apply now to become a Teamup expert partner.

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