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Boy Scouts of America Seattle Events Calendar

The Boy Scouts of America is the largest Scouting organization in the United States of America and one of the largest youth organizations in the United States. Its mission is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes … Read More

The Princeton Review Course Schedule for Teachers

“The Princeton Review’s first project with Teamup focused on a very popular summer program at thirty university campus locations from coast to coast—six different time zones! Schedules for teams of five science subject experts must be coordinated to deliver each course. It takes about two hundred teachers to cover over eighty schedules.” Read More
👦 Blaise M.

Event Calendar at NASA Langley Research Center

Shown in the picture are 3 TVs used to permanently display the calendar (a planning room) using the built in web browser on the TV. They show this month, next month, and the month after side by side. Calendar link parameters are used to control the month on display and the refresh frequency for each TV screen.

30 Theater Programs in Portugal

Não existia em Portugal nenhuma agenda dedicada exclusivamente ao Teatro. A única forma de a fazer seria juntar todos os Teatros para trabalharem numa só plataforma – Teamup é o calendário de grupos mais fácil de usar e mais bonito. Neste momento são cerca de 30 teatros (independentes e municipais) que colocam a sua programação no Teamup que fica pública para qualquer pessoa através da página ou da aplicação para telemóvel Teamup. É, neste momento, um ponto de informação essencial sobre o Teatro Português. Obrigado Teamup! // There was no agenda in Portugal dedicated exclusively to the Theater. The only way to do that would be to bring all theaters together to work on one platform. Teamup is the most user-friendly and most beautiful group calendar. At the moment there are about 30 theaters (independent and municipal) that put their programming in Teamup that is public to anyone through the page or the application for mobile phone Teamup. It is, at this moment, an essential information point about the Portuguese Theater. Thank you Teamup! Read More
👦 Fábio Salgado

Construction Crew Schedule

In a typical construction operations setup, the department manager or superintendent needs their calendar view that show what is scheduled and has occurred in the past in their department. These managers are responsible for their own 10 workers simultaneously deployed in the field onto 5-8 jobs at any point in time… The workers and upper management also need their own calendar view. Read More

Team Planner for Exhibiting at Trade Shows

We are absolutely THRILLED with the Teamup app!
👦 Jen Gerber

Crew Schedule at Asphalt Pavement Company

This eliminated an entire process that we went through for crew scheduling… We have been able to customize a calendar view for each different group, and the two of us in the office are the only ones who see the entire thing, and the only ones who can edit. Each week, as we put our crew schedules in, we make comments about how awesome this calendar is for us. Read More
👦 Teresa, Holbrook Asphalt

Delivery Load Board at Home Builder 84 Lumber

The Teamup calendar has made us more efficient in our delivery system. The salesmen no longer have to call the store to check on the status of a delivery or who delivered it. It’s right at the touch of their phone, and they have an answer for the customer right away.
👦 Brian Kelly, Delivery and Specialty Purchasing Contract Manager

Upcoming Events at Imperial College

Imperial College in California uses Teamup API to generate an event calendar, and created a Joomla module to embed the calendar into its home page Clicking on an event opens up the individual event page. Read More

Room Scheduling at Coworking Space

It’s a co-working space here and Teamup is used to book meeting rooms. Thanks for building a great product!
👦 Yegor V., Ukraine

Social Gaming Community Coordinates Game Playing with Teamup

“I and others use Teamup Calendar in an aspect of the game that allows us to coordinate with other players to jump into an alliance to join the fight as an alliance, then jump to another alliance to continue the fight. We coordinate, jump and fight as well as gain war spoils from our coordinated efforts.” Read More
👦 Rick

Ohio State University Event Calendar for STEM Students

Teamup visually was the best option for having several subcalendars within a single calendar. Adding or editing events, moving them to different calendars, or making them repeat biweekly was simple as well. Sharing the calendar with our leadership council was painless; many people could edit the calendar seamlessly and simultaneously. Read More

Room Reservation at Bern University of the Arts

The academic area Jazz at the music school has 33 rooms in four locations available for faculty and students to use for lectures and practice. Teamup replaces the signup sheets on the doors. Read More

Using Teamup for Volunteer Coordination at Scout Group

We love Teamup Calendar. It’s a fantastic tool – easy to use and really flexible. Its user interface is uncluttered and simple, allowing our volunteers to add events with ease… Since we started using Teamup we’ve found it much easier to plan events without conflict of equipment and facilities. Read More
👦 Max Harvey

Publish Church Events and Embed the Calendar into Website

I love the update that stripes events that fall under more than one calendar category. We use TeamUp for our church’s website calendar, and some events fall under more than one of our church groups, and I want to make sure all the groups see them, but it was a bit clunky visually to have them list out under each other. Thanks for the elegant solution. Read More
👦 Colby

Managing Volunteers, Organizing Workshops

We use TeamUp to manage over 25 calendars for our volunteer management across the country. As a Nationwide charity managing over 500 volunteers a year and with over 240 workshops happening in regions… Read More

Getting the pain out of availability checking

Check out this demo case to learn how Teamup addresses the needs to share availability of a group of trainers (or teachers, therapists, installers, musicians …) and allow their clients to make booking directly on their calendars. Read More

Non-profit audio reading service volunteer scheduler

We looked at dozens of online options and by far Teamup was the most intuitive and flexible to do exactly what we needed. The fact that it’s free and without advertisements makes it that much better…  Now answering questions like “Next week, can I come in Tuesday at 1pm instead of Monday at 10:00am?” just got a lot easier! Read More
👦 Georgean Johnson-Coffey

Student Organization - Key Club Event Calendar

It makes it much easier to delegate work to each club secretary to keep their own club’s calendar up to date. That way, I don’t even have to ask the clubs when their meetings are since they are posted on the calendar, making it much more efficient for me to attend their meetings.
👦 Peter, Key Club International

Delivery Scheduling Simplified

Great idea from Uriah and team: Click above to view their calendar and see how the pink stripes make it clear by a glance that the event is completed!
👦 Uriah Shetler