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Teamup is the free, flexible way to organize people, resources and events on a calendar.  No user account is required to use Teamup.  Learn more >

Teamup makes it easy to keep an overview of the group, share events and customize access permissions for anyone to view and update events.

Use Teamup in Any Group

  • Team Calendar
  • Space Reservation
  • Staff Scheduler
  • Conference Agenda at a Glance
  • The Louise Conference Itinerary
  • Embedded fan club event calendar
  • Community calendar
  • PA Disability Event Calendar
  • Sport event calendar on Facebook
  • Facebook app of an event calendar
  • Good to Great Schools Australia
  • Team Absence & Travel Calendar - Click to see a large image
  • Space Reservations
  • Staff Scheduler
  • Conference Agenda at a Glance
  • Conference Itinerary
  • Fan Club Event Calendar
  • Community Calendar
  • Public Calendar with Event Posting Capability
  • Facebook Tab App Calendar for Sport Events
  • Facebook app of an event calendar
  • School Program Master Calendar

Teamup is most popular for

  • Small business staff scheduling
  • Team & interdepartmental collaboration in large corporations
  • Organizing events and volunteers in non-profit organizations
  • Travel & absence planning in any teams
  • Space reservations & practicing schedules at sport clubs and bands
  • Activity coordination and equipment reservations at schools
  • Scheduling in construction & logistics
  • Process tracking in financial services
  • Publishing public community events
  • Conference agenda and itineraries by event planners

Trusted By

trusted by Teamup Customers


"This is an outstanding calendar program. I was able to administer a conference room calendar among multiple locations with many people having none to some experience with computers."  --- Michael P. Cleary, Attorney at Law

"Teamup has dramatically reduced the amount of time we spend on our daily processing of staff requests and has opened a new door for accessibility to view this information too."  --- Chad, Team Leader

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Selected Use Cases

Staff Calendar

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Staff Calendar
Team Calendar


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Reservation calendar
reservation calendar

Work Scheduler

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Staff Scheduler
Work scheduler by Teamup

Load Planner

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Goods delivery and Load planner
Teamup Calendar Load Planner

Event Schedule

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Conference Agenda Powered by Teamup
Event schedule by Teamup