Shared Online Calendar for Groups and Projects

Shared Calendar
for Groups & Projects

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No account is required.  Share & manage versatile calendars with flexible permissions across teams, organisations, platforms & time zones.

  • Shared team absence and holiday calendar
  • Shared Calendar for Team Absences and Travel Planner
  • Shared company calendar
  • Staff Scheduler
  • No conflict scheduler for multiple groups working in multiple locations
  • Events Calendar
  • CERT LA program calendar

What Is Teamup Calendar?

Teamup helps to organize plans, projects, and schedules for teams and resources across multiple organizations and stakeholders. No one needs any account.  No need to login to use a calendar.  You don't need to be an IT specialist to manage your shared calendar with the access control you want.    It's easy and free.  More... 


  • No user accounts required - share with anyone
  • Create multiple color-coded calendars (up to 10: Free!)
  • Easily share via secret links with access control
  • Add-only but not modify existing events
  • Coordinate resource availability privately or transparently
  • Customizable branding - add your logo and color
  • Save events to GCal, Outlook, and .ics file
  • Share a single event as a web page
  • Embed calendars into websites and Facebook pages
  • Easily schedule recurring events
  • Display events in users' respective timezones 
  • Choose from 7 different calendar views


I have to tell you that even though I am very picky, I absolutely LOVE the Teamup calendar! I plan on recommending it to everyone I know who uses online calendars.  : )  — User from USA

Really impressed with the level of support you guys have offered us, it is truly appreciated!  — User from Canada

Can I just say that your diary system is AWESOME!!!!  As a small business it has totally saved my life.  I am now able to keep us all organised and everybody can access the diary from anywhere :-)  — User from UK

Love the program, works like a charm and has everything I was looking for.   — User from The Netherlands

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