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Teamup makes organizing, scheduling, and sharing in groups painless. Find out how Teamup is different from other calendars.
Team calendar, job scheduler, equipment reservations, space booking, event calendar, editorial calendar, conference agenda.  Be inspired!
  • Use Teamup for Staff Calendar
  • Use Teamup for Reservations of conference rooms, equipment, service slots, counselling hours, interview slots, etc.
  • Use Teamup for listing events in color-coded categories
  • Use Teamup for Conference Agenda
  • Court booking & Training Scheduler
  • Teamup Calendar for Operations management
  • Teamup Calendar for scheduling jobs
  • Music band gig schedule
  • Non-profit club communication group meetings calendars
  • A staff calendar keeps everyone up to date. Everyone manages their own calendar - no user accounts required. The result: knowing where everyone is and who's working on what.
  • No risk of double booking or underused resources when your reservation calendar is a Teamup calendar. Use it to book everything from rooms and equipment to trucks, cranes, and even planes.
  • Event calendars show all events on one page with detailed drill down options. Color code event categories, filter and share with anyone anytime. Great for schools, non-profits, sports clubs and corporations.
  • Conference agendas that make sense! List all sessions in one place with color-coded tracks which are easily filtered by track and by room. Easy for conference attendees to access and use.
  • A reservation calendar simplifies managing trainers, facilities and teams. Training can be booked directly by clients. Link sessions to courts and a coach, and filter to view facility and coach schedules.
  • Communicate easily with a mobile crew. Manage people, jobs, delivery status and resource planning from one central crew scheduling calendar. Instant updates ensure everyone is kept informed.
  • Your job scheduling calendar can do more than manage jobs and crews. Attach contracts, job specs and even installation notes to an appointment so everyone knows what to do and how to do it.
  • Musical bands, dancing groups, and sports teams alike often need to coordinate gig schedules and rehearsals. Members of such groups typically use many different personal calendar systems. Teamup simplifies how these groups schedule gigs and share group-specific information.
  • Organize groups across the globe in one place without resorting to email and phone calls. Every group or club manages their own calendar keeping everyone else, regional or worldwide, up to date on what's happening and when.

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"Simplicity is the homework of a genius"
Ruben Hansen, CEO, Daltek, Denmark

"You have no idea of how many times, before you, we mixed CET with UTC…"
Piera Ghia, Director of Research, Pierre Auger Observatory, Argentina

Featured Team Story

Featured team story

Holbrook Asphalt, USA 

"Everyone can see what they need, and we can eliminate anything that would only confuse them.  Each week, as we put our crew schedules in, we make comments about how awesome this calendar is for us."  
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