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Teamup simplifies what it takes to organize and schedule in groups.  Teamup makes it easy for group leaders to manage group activities on one master calendar and provide group members tailored access and as many views as needed.   No user accounts are required.  A Web link is all that is needed to access a calendar.  Learn more

  • Use Teamup for company diary, track holidays, office diary, appointments
  • Teamup Calendar for Staff Scheduling
  • Teamup for teams who build lasting roads
  • Job board calendar for planning construction jobs at customer sites with pdf documents attached
  • School facility bookings such as computer labs, learning material, sports equipment
  • Meeting Room Reservations
  • Girls scout program, share with scouts, staff and parents

Key Features
  • No user account, optional passwords
  • Simple sharing via links, unlimited users
  • 9 levels of access permissions
  • Unique scheduler view
  • Easy file & image uploading
  • Email notifications for calendar changes
  • Available for subscription via iCalendar feeds

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"Simplicity is the homework of a genius"
Ruben Hansen, CEO, Daltek, Denmark

"You have no idea of how many times, before you, we mixed CET with UTC…"
Piera Ghia, Director of Research, Pierre Auger Observatory, Argentina

Featured Team Story

Holbrook Asphalt, USA 

"We figured out that we could actually put our crews into the 'more' feature of the calendar, and they could view it in list view and see their schedule for the week.  This eliminated an entire process that we went through for crew scheduling...  Everyone can see what they need, and we can eliminate anything that would only confuse them.  Each week, as we put our crew schedules in, we make comments about how awesome this calendar is for us."  → Read the full story

Featured team story