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More than five million people in over 150 countries use Teamup every month. From families with toddlers to teams in large global corporations, from school teachers to crane operators, so many teams and individuals have demonstrated their creativity in using Teamup to gain more organizational productivity and streamline operations. The calendar solutions make it easy to organize teams, schedule work, manage availability, share events, visualize plans, and keep job documents and other information in the right contexts. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve and be helpful to so many people around the world!

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Thanks a million for all your feedback! Read more user stories.

“Teamup is working very well for us. The ability to redefine calendars as needed has been greatly helpful during this period of changed service models and work from home shifts in particular. The way we set it up ensures that it is only successful when maintaining it is a shared responsibility – not just the onus of supervisors.”

❀️ Courtney Brohawn & Beth Heltebridle, Frederick County Public Libraries


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Color-coded vans matching calendar colors on Teamup

“We love the color coding feature, as it helps our Teams differentiate who they will be working alongside and which vehicle they are assigned to. We color code all our equipment as well, so that our teams are sure to grab all their supplies for the day. This allows us to stay organized and make any changes immediately (if a van is in the mechanic’s shop, we simply change that Team’s color on the calendar for the day, so they know how to proceed and what supplies go with them).”

❀️ Joe Redington, Frontline Housekeeping Plus


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tutoring school

Each custom field has an emoji assigned and displayed in the event title. These visual cues allow both tutors and scheduling administrators to see key info at a glance: which rooms are in use, which subject is being tutored, and so on.

❀️ Greg Merrick, Founder, Strickland Reading Clinics


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“The big benefit for us is not having to go in and re-enter all this information for the technician. Having the integration and having the API is a boon for us in using Teamup, which saves all kinds of time for our schedulers…. All of the information that is pulled over with a click now, in an instant, used to take several minutes, perhaps five minutes to build out. As you can imagine, with perhaps three or four services across 10,000 pieces of equipment per year, saving three minutes to five minutes for each service event is a major, major benefit.”

❀️ Marc Menhart, Director of IT, WW Williams


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holbrook Asphalt Teamup story

The varied permissions are still OUR biggest luxury with this calendar as well. We have so many varied positions and each one only needs a piece of the calendar to do their job. With Teamup, we can basically organize the entire company’s production process without confusing or overloading any of our departments with information that they do not need.Β 

❀️ Teresa Ortiz, Project Manager, Holbrook Asphalt


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