Freelance Tutor Appointment System  


An independent tutor offers open hours for students to book appointments and needs the following capabilities from a scheduling system. 


  • The tutor can easily update their availability and keep track of their schedule.
  • Students can request appointments through the calendar.
  • The tutor can confirm appointments and share the confirmation page directly with each student.  
Tutor meeting with client

The Solution

Teamup Calendar, a centrally-managed shared calendar designed specifically for multiple users. It’s the simple, secure, and efficient way to share information with functions ranging from custom access settings to flexible display options. Here is how to set up the Teamup Calendar for your independent tutoring business: make your availability visible and allow clients to book an appointment directly on the calendar.

Color-coded sub-calendars

  • Open Hours: for the tutor to publish available hours.
  • Request Appointments: for clients to request appointments. 
  • Confirmed:
    • Option 1: Use a sub-calendar named “Confirmed” and assign the requested appointment to it when the appointment is confirmed.
    • Option 2: Instead of the “Confirmed” sub-calendar, use a custom field to show the status. When it is confirmed, there will be an emoji displayed in the event title.

Available hours at a glance

  • Choose an appropriate calendar view as the default, e.g. the week view, and configure the specifics in Settings > Calendar Views.
  • Hide the weekends if there are no available slots on weekends.

See more example calendar views →

Overview with bookings visualized

  • The appointment system will show confirmed appointments, available slots, and pending bookings from the tutor/administrator’s view. 
  • This tutor uses Option 1 to confirm bookings.


Tutor: Set up access links for clients

The calendar administrator can set sharable calendar links in Settings. Assign the client link the following permissions:

  • Read-only access to the “Open Hours” calendar.
  • Add-only-no-details access to the “Request Appointments” calendar.

Learn about how to share only selected sub-calendars →

Student: Book an appointment

To request an appointment from the student calendar, the client needs to:

  1. Right-click an available slot, select “Duplicate”
  2. Select “Request Appointment”
  3. Enter his or her name, phone # and email then save

The student will receive a text or email confirmation once the tutor accepts the appointment and shares the confirmation page.

See how the client requests a booking →

Tutor: Confirm appointments
(Option 1)

  1. Subscribe to be notified when a client requests an appointment.
  2. Go to the calendar, open the request, and assign it also to the “Confirmed” calendar, click save.
  3. Use the Share menu to let the student know the appointment is confirmed.

See how to confirm an appointment (Option 1) in action →

Tutor: Confirm appointments
(Option 2)

  1. Subscribe to be notified when a client requests an appointment.
  2. Go to the calendar, open the submitted request, and check the status “Booked”, click save. (Optional: change the status of the original open hour also to “Booked”)
  3. Use the Share menu to let the client know the appointment is confirmed.

See how to confirm an appointment (Option 2) in action →

    Tutor: Share confirmation

    • To send the student a confirmation email or text, use the event sharing function on our mobile apps, or repeat later as a proactive reminder.
    • When the student opens the event page URL, they will be able to save the appointment directly to their personal calendar.

    See how to share a confirmation message in action →

    Getting Started

    Video Tutorials

    Feature Tips

    Right click to duplicate event

    Change calendar resolution

    Adjust date range in timeline

    Drag over a slot to select time

    Tutor: Email or text the appointment as a confirmation to the student.
    On the app: Tap the phone number to initiate a call directly.

    Student: Add the appointment directly to their personal calendar

    What if…

    Here are some additional calendar features to explore depending on your unique scenario, and how you can make the most out of your Tutoring Appointment System. 

    🖼️ … you want to embed the appointment calendar into your website?

    It’s easy to embed your calendar into a website or your Facebook page for clients to sign up. Find out more about the Teamup Embed Wizard

    📅 … your assistant manages your appointments? 

    In the above scenario, the tutor is the calendar administrator who also uses the administrator link to manage the appointments. If you have an assistant or colleague who manages the appointments but does not need access to the calendar Settings, then create another link with the Modify permission for that person.

    📙 … you want to upload assignments or feedback on Teamup? 

    You can upload assignments, session agenda, or any feedback for the students in the comment section of a confirmed booking event. This way it stays private on your calendar, and can be sent to the student when you share it with email or their personal calendar.  

    📚 … your client tries to book a slot that is already taken?

    Make sure to set the calendars to disallow double booking if the calendar is used to manage appoinments for one tutor. 

    🧐 … you want to confirm appointments with the Option 1 method?

    Option 1 from the above scenario requires the requested appointment to be assigned to the “Confirmed” sub-calendar when the appointment is confirmed. Learn more about assigning one event to multiple calendars.

    📞 … you want to use Teamup on your phone?

    Download the free Teamup mobile app for iOS and Android. Your calendar and all its events will stay synced from mobile to web, and back again. When you need to adjust event details on-the-go, you can do so from the mobile app.

    ⌚ … your client wants to book an arbitrary slot?

    The client can simply drag their mouse over the time they want to book and request an appointment, even if it’s outside of the pre-defined availability slots. 

    🔁 … you are available at the same time every week?

    Make use of the recurring events function to easily display and update availabilities. When setting up the “Open Hours” sub-calendar showing your availability, there are detailed options for recurring events (daily, weekly, and many more) to choose from. 

    🛎️  … you want to subscribe to notifications?

    Teamup email notifications will notify you when changes are made to events on the calendar, for example when a student requests a booking. Event reminders can be created for a single event or all events on your sub-calendar. If you have a premium plan, there is also an option to receive a daily agenda to stay on top of your schedule. 

    Good to Know

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