AM23: Media Room Booking Calendar


The media room booking operation at the World Economic Forum has been powered by Teamup since 2017. For members of the media, we have highlighted the most useful tips for viewing availability and self-booking to make things easier than ever.

For more details about how this solution fulfills the needs for booking media interview rooms and TV rotation slots, see the report of Teamup at the 2022 Annual Meeting.

Media Booking Calendar:
Permission for room booking: modify-from-same-link, no details
Permission for TV Rotation requests: modify

Access the Media Room Booking Calendar

As a registered member of the media, you may have received a Teamup link to the booking calendar (request if you need one). You can use the link to view room availability and book your slots, or change your bookings if needed. The interview rooms and locations are listed on the left (sub-calendars), as well as a TV Rotation calendar designated for your organization.  

You can access the booking calendar in any web browser or using Teamup’s iOS and Android apps. Here are two ways to easily access your booking link:

Option 1: Without account

Simply open the link directly in a web browser, bookmark or save the link for later access. Or use it on a mobile app without a Teamup account.

Option 2: With an account

Create a Teamup account if you don’t have one yet. To add the booking calendar link to your account dashboard, use either one of the following methods (you only need to do it once):

    • Login to your account in a browser. Open the booking link. You will see a green dot to the left of the link name in the top right area. Click on it and confirm to add the link to your dashboard.
    • Download the iOS or Android app. At the app start, login and you will be on the dashboard. If you don’t see the AM23 booking calendar yet, tap the green button in lower right and select “Connect an existing calendar,” then enter the Teamup link you’ve received.

Self-Booking Made Easy


Tip #1: Toggle to show or hide rooms

Toggle the room sub-calendars on the left panel (in browser) or sidebar (mobile apps) to view the availability of only a specific room (or rooms).

When a single room is shown, this room will be pre-selected in the event editor if you start a new booking. A delightful shortcut at a busy time.

Filter events by keyword

Tip #2: Switch views to visualize availability in your preferred layout

Use the Week view for a quick overview of bookings in a familiar calendar grid. Once you toggle to see only the room(s) you want, it’s easy to spot the the best matching availability.

Switch to the Scheduler view to see each room’s availability in its own column. To book the room or schedule your TV Rotation time, simply drag over an available slot.

Change calendar views from week to scheduler

Change calendar views in the top right

To see only your own bookings in a browser, enter your organization name in the filter field just below the calendar list on the left. See filter in action.

Tip #3: Make bookings and stay updated on mobile apps

Download the Teamup iOS or Android app to your mobile device. You can see the latest room availability and add or update your organization’s bookings on the go.

Use the sidebar to toggle rooms (sub-calendars) and view only a selected room (or rooms).

To see your own bookings only, click the search magnifier and enter your org name.

See more app tips below.

Filter events by keyword

Using the Mobile Apps

If you have the booking link and don’t have a Teamup account, you can tap Continue without account to proceed.

If you have a Teamup account, you may add the link to your dashboard as described above, or request an account-based access. Then tap the Login button to proceed.

  1. Download the app (iOS or Android).
  2. Get started with link access without account or login to access your booking calendar from the account dashboard.

Link access without account:

At app start: Continue without account.

Account-based access:

At App start, Login.

Filter events by keyword

Filter for your bookings

Bookings made by others are seen as Reserved. To see your own bookings:
  1. Tap the search icon
  2. Enter your organization name
  3. Tap the checkmark.


    Check availability

    To see available time slots for rooms, you need to view all bookings (by all parties). Make sure to tap the x in the Filter box to clear it, so that you can see all bookings again.

    See more app actions.


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