👓 Teamup Case Study

Social Gaming Community

Uses Teamup for Coordinated Game Playing

About the Social Gaming Community

Empires & Allies is a blend of social gaming via alliances with up to 50 other players and individual achievements.  The social gaming community uses Teamup for coordinated game playing.

The Challenges

  • The game players are located around the world in many time zones.
  • Need to make it easy for more players to join

Why Teamup Calendar?

Rick, an enthusiastic player, said: “I and others use Teamup Calendar in an aspect of the game that allows us to coordinate with other players to jump into an alliance to join the fight as an alliance, then jump to another alliance to continue the fight. We coordinate, jump and fight as well as gain war spoils from our coordinated efforts.”

Rich also created a set of video tutorials for using Teamup both on the web and using Teamup’s mobile apps to help new players quickly get up to speed in coordinating with others in the community.

The Benefits

Aside from how easy it is to coordinate despite of time differences among the players, according to Rick, Teamup contributes to “an effort to get more alliances to join together like we play, which will make it easier to find opponents like ourselves, which we hope will get more to come to the game and enjoy the way that we play.”

Next Step

To learn more about how Teamup Calendar can help you focus on your mission and passion without losing precious time on the administrative tidbits of scheduling, visit our Getting Started page.