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You manage teams who fulfill their work on the road, you need an easy way to get the right information to the right people at the right time. Teamup makes it simple. No complex software to learn. No spreadsheets to organize. Instead, You get a familiar calendar to share with simple and flexible access control. No user accounts are required.

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Teamup for Construction & Mobile Workforce

Communicate easily with a mobile crew. Manage people, jobs, delivery status and resource planning from one central crew scheduling calendar. Instant updates ensure everyone is kept informed.

Shown below is the Operations calendar at Holbrook Asphalt, a pavement company operating across Utah, Arizona, and Nevada in the United States.  Like thousands of construction and field service companies, Holbrook’s jobs are scheduled centrally by the office staff, while superintendents and crews access their job schedules and instructions in the field using mobile devices. Everyone can access the information they need in a view they like. No confusion, no clutters.

  • Administrator view. Administrators always have access to everything on the calendar.

Team Stories

“We figured out that we could actually put our crews into the “more” feature of the calendar, and they could view it in list view and see their schedule for the week. This eliminated an entire process that we went through for crew scheduling. Additionally, we have one person who orders all of our product for sealcoat. Now he can have access to only the “calendar” that pertains to him. Everyone can see what they need, and we can eliminate anything that would only confuse them. We have been able to customize a calendar view for each different group, and the two of us in the office are the only ones who see the entire thing, and the only ones who can edit. Each week, as we put our crew schedules in, we make comments about how awesome this calendar is for us.“

Teresa Ortiz, Operations Manager, Holbrook Asphalt, USA
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Feature Highlights


Color-coded calendars

You can color-code calendars in ways that best suit your operational needs, for example, by job types, locations, delivery statuses, vehicles, or crews. Want to group both crews and locations? Assign one job to multiple calendars. You can also organize calendars in folders easily.

Drag & drop, instant updates

Changes happen. In fact, changes may happen a lot when you work with mobile workforce. With Teamup it's easy to update schedules: Simply drag & drop to move a job or ctrl-drag & drop to copy a job. What's best is that all changes are instantly accessible to all users, regardless if it's the installer or the sales rep, whether they are on your customer's premise or in the loading dock. Gone are the days when you had to login to your shared drive, write another email, attach an updated Excel sheet, or make another call just because something changed!

Upload files & images

Blue prints, floor plans, installation instructions, contracts, warranties, and many other documents for your jobs may be needed by your field crews. Simply upload all of the documents and track the details right in the calendar entry for the job. Want to keep a proof of a repair job done or a shipment delivered? Take a picture on the spot and upload right to the calendar! It'd cut off lots of no-value adding processes and reduce cost for dispute resolutions.

Versatile calendar views

Teamup Calendars can be viewed in ways far beyond what you may have experienced with a typical personal calendar. There are 9 views. For managers and schedulers, the multi-week, month and year views are helpful to keep a bird's eye view of the big picture while the list view with details shown gives the crew direct access to what they need to do their job well. What's unique is the scheduler view. There are also countless options to filter on-screen events, ranging from toggling each sub-calendar or an entire folder to search and filtering by keywords. An extensive list of link parameters offers additional flexibility for any one who needs views that are not different from the default settings.

Easy access with calendar links

Opening a calendar link in a web browser or a mobile app is all it takes to access the calendar. A calendar administrator may set up the permissions for the links and has granular control over who can access which events on the calendar. With nine access levels ranging from read-only, add-only, modify-from-same-link to those that limit access to selected sub-calendars. This enables the administrator to easily customize access rights for different members of the group. Granting access to a new member or removing access of a departing employee can be done in a matter of seconds.

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