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Teamup is a cloud-based calendaring application built specifically for groups. Its flexibility makes it simple and easy to manage teams at conferences and trade shows. Don't let spreadsheets take away much of your precious time. Create a free Teamup Calendar. Organize in colors. Manage all your staff schedules, room bookings, customer meetings on one simple calendar. It's easy for everyone to access the calendar with the information they need - no more, no less, at the right time in the right place with the right device.

Easy and Flexible Conference Agenda

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What you can do with a Teamup-powered conference agenda

Try the following with this demo conference agenda

CES Meetings 2018

 Show Planner for Exhibitors & Teams

For exhibitors at large conferences and tradeshow, there are people, resources and activities that need to be organized, scheduled, and shared.  It’s easy for teams to create staff schedules and see availability at a glance on a Teamup Calendar.  Everyone gets a calendar link and stays up to date throughout the event.

Staff Schedule at a Glance

Staff scheduler for tradeshow & conference teams

On the show floor, there are always many things going on in parallel. You may have kept mental notes on multiple options at any given moment.  Why not listing all the events you want to keep in mind on your calendar and making them easily visible to others too! Unlike a piece of paper or a spreadsheet, Teamup allows you to add as many events as needed in any time slot. No worries with space: Hide calendars or filter events to de-clutter your screen and change time resolution to optimize vertical space for display. And if you want to see all the details, just switch to the Agenda or List view.

On the other hand, if a meeting room or a staff member should only be scheduled for one event at any time, you can simply set the calendar to disallow overlapping events. No more scheduling conflicts, no more back and forth.

It’s just so easy to plan staffing and track the availability on busy show floors.   Even for those not so tech-savvy, Teamup just works!


“We tried using Teamup for our event (conference) in July and it worked really well, especially in the planning. It is very easy to set up appointments and for people to understand the system even when not so tech-savvy. It was very easy to just send the link to external suppliers so they could see when what was planned. The online system is so much user friendlier and professional than the old fashioned excel sheets that we used before!“

Gertrude, Senior Congress Coordinator, European Cancer Organization, Belgium

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