Calendar for Facebook Page

With Static HTML: iframe tabs by Thunderpenny:  This article describes how to add a calendar tab using Static HTML by Thunderpenny.  See also the 90-second how-to video guide.

Step 1 - Create your Teamup Calendar

  • You can create your own calendar from the "Create Calendar" button on our home page or here.
  • Go to the Calendar you just created and enter some event data.
  • Go to "Settings" on the top right corner of your calendar (administrator view), then go to "Sharing" and copy the link URL for "Read-only with Details" to be used in Step 5 below.

Step 2 - Go to Static HTML App

If this is the first time you use this app to install a custom tab on your Timeline, you can either type "static html" in your Facebook's search box or go directly to the Static HTML App by Thunderpenny.  You come to the screen below.  Click the blue button.

Add static HTML to a page


Step 3 - Select the Page to Add the Tab

On the screen below, choose the page you want to add the calendar tab to.  Then click the button "Add Static HTML: iframe tabs".

Add static HTML


Step 4 - Locate and Open the New Tab

Now go back to your Facebook fan page.  The Welcome tab with the Star image is what you just added.  Click on it and go to "admin tools".

Edit calendar tab name and image


Step 5 - Link Your Calendar to the New Tab

On the App Buffet menu, scroll down and select the WebsiteL app.  You are now prompted to enter your calendar URL - paste in the URL you copied in Step 1 above and change "http://" to "https://".  Click "Remove scrollbars", adjust the width and height.  Save & publish.

website app

Step 6 - Change Tab Name and Image

Go back to your Timeline.  Click on the small triangle on the right.  Mouse over the Welcome tab and click the pencil to open the pull-down menu and select "Edit Settings".  Change the tab name and upload an image for your calendar tab.  If you don't want to create your own image, we have made a few image options available for you to use.

Using Woobox: