Calendar for Facebook Page

With Woobox Custom Tab:  This article explains how to add a calendar to Facebook fan page using Woobox Custom Tab app.  The calendar of Grey Funnel Line, a Facebook fan community of the British Royal Navy, is implemented with this method.  See also the video guide Facebook How To created by Owldesk

Step 1 - Create your Teamup Calendar

  • You can create your own calendar from the "Create Calendar" button on our home page or here.
  • Go to the Calendar you just created and enter some event data.
  • Go to "Settings" on the top right corner of your calendar (administrator view), then go to "Sharing" and copy/save the link URL for "Read-only with Details" to be used in Tab Settings later (see below).

Step 2 - Install Static iFrame Tab App for your Facebook Fan Page

Static iFrame Tab app is a simple content management system for Facebook fan pages. It allows you to add a tab (page) to your Facebook fan page. This Facebook application is provided by WooBox and is free to use.

  • Click here: Static iFrame Tab App to start the installation. This will lead you to the following installation page.

  • Click the Install PageTab button to proceed. If you are not already logged in to Facebook, you will be asked to do so now.
  • Next, you will be asked to choose a Facebook fan page for which you want to install the page tab.

  • Finally, you will have to authorize the app to access your data. Click on Go to App to proceed.

This completes the creation of a new page tab for your fan page. Its default name is Welcome. It can be changed later. Browse now to the new page tab to configure it.

Step 3: Configure the New Page Tab

The second step is to configure the page tab. Here are the important settings to make. See the screen shot below for illustration.

  1. For option Page Source choose the value "URL"
  2. Enter the web address of your calendar which is the secret URL you get from Step 1 above. Please ensure that this secret web links has read-only permission assigned. Secret web links for your calendar can be created and configured under Settings then Sharing in your calendar.  Make sure to replace http:// with https://.
  3. Make sure that you check "Hide Scrollbars".  
  4. Change the tab name.  Otherwise it'd show "Welcome" as the placeholder.
  5. Change the tab image.  Otherwise it'd show the flashlight from Woobox.
  6. Finally save settings.

Add calendar to Facebook page using Woobox tab app


Change tab name and image at a later time

At your Timeline, click on the small triangle on the right.  Mouse over the Welcome tab and click the pencil to open the pull-down menu and select "Edit Settings".  Change the tab name and upload a 111x74 pix. image for your calendar. If you don't want to create your own image, we have made a few image options available for you to use


Using Thunderpenny