05 June 2013

Using Teamup Calendar to Support Project Workflow

Use Case: How Teamup helps manage the editorial workflow for a social media agency.

Editorial calendar workflowClient: Social Media Agency, Paris, France
Requirements: Need to have three level of users to support the workflow of client projects.
  • Managers: The agency consultants who should be able to manage everything on the calendar.
  • Reviewers: The coordinators of the agency's client. They would be able to approve, or deny any content proposed.
  • Contributors: The content contributors on the agency's client side, who would be able to suggest new contents (to be approved), and to view the global consolidated calendar with every approved content.
Teamup can easily support this type of workflow with multiple levels of users.  
Solution:  Create a calendar with multiple sub-calendars (=calendar below), e.g.:
  • Calendar A for submitting content, modifiable by the contributors and reviewers.
  • Calendar B for approved content, modifiable by the reviewers and read-only to the contributors.  To approve an item, the reviewer clicks the item and simply change it from Calendar A to Calendar B in the pull-down calendar list, save.
  • The managers with administrator rights have full access to everything.
  • If the content is in multiple categories, optionally use multiple calendars for each category. 
The administrator can create custom access links under Settings / Sharing (feel free to delete the pre-configured "read/modify" links or edit them to your needs).  See Teamup's video tutorial about how to share.
The screenshots below illustrate an editorial workflow calendar with contents in three categories (blog, FB, special).  Note the choice of a cool color group (green, blue, aqua) for approved entries and a warm group (red, pink, orange) for proposed entried, so that it is visually easy to spot any items pending for review.  This is of course just one way to arrange the colors.  Another way could be using similar colors as a pair for each category.  It's all up to your preference and creativity.

Calendar View for the Manager: The manager has the administrator rights with access to everything. The manager is responsible for all settings including custom access links.


Calendar View for the Contributors: Read-only calendars are indicated with a small lock in the calendar list, and not displayed in the pull-down list for editing.



Calendar View for Reviewers: All calendars are modifiable.  At the minimum the reviewer approves an item by changing it from a proposed calendar to an approved one.

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